New Year – the Chinese Way!

New Year – the Chinese Way! So you’ve had a few false starts to 2016…..but you know what, Chinese New Year doesn’t begin until Feb 8th this year. So it is not too late to start again!! My very wise friend Kim Harris who is a Chinese Herbalist (and many other things) was giving me some very good advice the other day and used the Chinese New Year to help make light of the subject.

As the new year does not being until February 8th, 2015 themes linger on

dating paragon china marks She was telling me that Chinese new year does not begin until February 8th so themes from 2015 still linger on in January. This made perfect sense to me because I still wasn’t ready to set new goals for 2016 and I was still tying up loose ends and ‘throwing out the trash’.

The idea of starting in February took a great weight off my shoulders and made me realise that I had fallen into the ‘New Year resolution trap’. You know, the trap where you are supposed to say your goals aloud (or even better write them down) on January 1st or ideally on December 31st.

There is a lot of pressure to set a goal and ‘start now’ on January 1st I’ve never believed in New Year resolutions and have always set my own goals when I was ready, but for some reason I started to think ‘New year, new goals, start now’. This idea literally freaked me out and out a lot of pressure on me.

January is better spent in ‘planning mode’ To me, the idea of the new year starting on Monday February 8th makes perfect sense. I am always in Europe on holidays in January so the idea of actioning goals is not realistic. What is realistic is ‘thinking and planning time’ i.e. planning how to think and thinking how to plan. This is critical for effective goal setting and it is no wonder that most New Year resolutions fail within a week (if you are lucky to even last that long) because we have not reprogrammed out mindset.

For the past 2 years I have made rapid progress both personally and professionally when I have taken time out and reflected on myself, the past year and what I have to do in order to move forward.

It is never too late to reset our plans and our goals

Just because western culture encourages New Year resolutions to be made on January 1st does not mean we have to adhere to it! After all, it is not a one size fits all. We are all unique human beings with different needs and wants and readiness to change.

So, it is never too late to reprogram, recharge and reformulate our plans, our energy and our ideas.

What are you waiting for?

To get you started, I was watching ‘Le Journal’, the french news, this afternoon and it featured a professional giving advice on why New Year resolutions do not work. Very apt, very timely, and I was even more chuffed that I understood it all! Here their 3 tips on why they often fail…

1. programme für binäre optionen Impatience with achieving your goal e.g. do not expect to reach your goal weight in just 4 weeks.

2. free dating sites delhi Inconsistency – inconsistent actions will not produce consistent outcomes e.g. one day of healthy eating followed by a few days of continuous snacking is not going to lead to consistent results.

3. Radical decisions e.g. cutting out certain food groups (unless you have an allergy that has been MEDICALLY diagnosed) does not mean you have to cut all food out. Food avoidance often leads to rebellion and is therefore not sustainable. The minute I say “no ….” the next minute I am wanting it!!!!

So what do you think? Did you make New Year resolutions on January 1st? Are you still sticking to them? Or are you like me and using January as planning time so you’ll be ready and raring to go by the time the Chinese New Year of February 8th comes around?


Why New Year resolutions so often fail:

1. Impatience with achieving your goal

2. binary options on mt4 Inconsistency – inconsistent actions will not produce consistent outcomes

3. gay dating mtf Radical decisions e.g. cutting out certain things altogether food. The minute you say “no ….” the next minute you are wanting it!!!!

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